Marc-Uwe Kling

Marc-Uwe Kling (2017) Marc-Uwe Kling (born 1982 in Stuttgart) is a German songwriter, author and ''Kabarett'' (political stand-up comedy) artist. He studied Philosophy and Dramatics at Freie Universität Berlin.

Since 2003, Kling regularly performs on various stages in Berlin. Frequently, he performs at literary and ''Kabarett'' events as well as poetry slams. In 2004 he founded a serial public literary event called ''Lesedüne'' (a pun made of the German words ''Lesebühne'', "lecture stage", and ''Düne'', "dune"). Since 2005 Kling tours with his program ''Wenn alle Stricke reißen, kann man sich nicht mal mehr aufhängen'' (literally, "If all ropes snap, you can't even hang yourself anymore"), which is also the title of his first CD. Every first Tuesday of the month he organizes and hosts the ''Kreuzberg Slam'' in the ''Lido'' (formerly ''Kato'') location, and every first Wednesday the ''Poetry Slam of Studentisches Kulturzentrum'' in Potsdam.

Currently, he authors a weekly podcast ''Neues vom Känguru'' (roughly: "News from the Kangaroo"), for Fritz, a Potsdam-based radio-station, which deals with the same theme as his book ''Die Känguru-Chroniken'' ("The Kangaroo Chronicles"): A "phlegmatic anarchist" himself, he lives with a talking, "pragmatically communist" kangaroo as his room mate. Herten
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